Think you have what it takes?

Being a board member is a great experience for anyone; we asked ours what they thought a great board member would need to be like and this is what they came up with…

We want you to…

…be a role model

A role model for the management team, guiding and advising them all the way, helping them to be the best they can be.

…always be thinking

We’ll need you to always be thinking ahead and have a head packed full of brilliant ideas that we can use to make us better than we already are.

…not be a wallflower

We don’t want anyone who’s a wallflower, your opinion will count so you’ll need to make it heard.

…get into the detail

If you are inquisitive then put it to good use, getting into the detail, picking up those things that could trip us up down the line.

…be open and honest

We need you to be transparent and not be afraid to tell us the things we may not want to hear. We love being challenged.

…be great at crosswords or Sudoku!

It goes without saying that we need you to be a great problem solver.

So, if this is you then why not apply to be one of our board members?

If you still aren’t convinced have a look at what the Chair of our Board says about being part of us.