“No two days are the same. It’s always different, it’s always exciting.”

— Richard Essery, Board Member


The day to day stuff is taken care of by our Chief Executive and the rest of the team. They make sure that everyone at Melin is well managed, operating as they should and taking care of our customers and their homes. It’s the Board’s job to supervise the Chief Executive and make sure the company is well managed, operating within the law and agreed policies, but also keeping an eye on the purse strings.

In a bit more detail…

Too busy to be on board?

You’ll only need to spare around six hours a month to play your part. That’s made up of reading the board papers, some meeting prep and then of course a monthly meeting which is no more than 2 hours long, and they usually start at 6.30pm. Of course, you can do more, like getting involved in community events and our health and well-being group, Zest or our environmental working group, EGG. There’s also 3 committees which meet quarterly these are Customers Services, Human Resources and Audit and Risk.

Working alongside a great bunch of people

Our board and staff are a really interesting bunch who are at the core of the business and by talking to them you’ll get a real sense of what’s going on. We will give you a comprehensive induction to get you up to speed as quickly as possible.

At the heart of it

You’ll be doing your best to safeguard and protect our residents and assets – that’s our homes, our money, our staff and of course our reputation. All our board members have to have the best interests of our residents at heart.

On tour

Once or twice a year, you will be taken on a tour of some of our prestige new build homes, because there’s nothing more inspirational than seeing the finished product.

Decisions, decisions

The biggest and most rewarding part of the role is when you, along with the rest of the board make decisions. Big decisions that can change hundreds of people’s lives.

Check how we do things

You’ll make sure that we are being run in line with our policies and procedures and any laws and regulations that affect us.

Risky business

As with any business if things go wrong then we can jeopardise our success. You will be responsible for reducing our exposure to risks and making sure this ethos runs through the organisation.

Legal eagle

Keeping abreast with the basics of housing law and Welsh Government directives will help you to be a really effective board member. There may also be some administrative duties where staff may require a board member signature to make sure a project progresses.

Take an in-depth look

Visit our documents page to see a range of things pertaining to being a Board Member to get a feel for how we operate.