“I trust the board members around me to follow their instincts to want to do their best for our residents and staff.”

— Lyndon May, Resident Board Member


Why be part of it?

Being a board member at Melin really is a rewarding experience. Making decisions that can change hundreds of people’s lives for the better, gives you a great buzz. If you ask our board, that’s one of the main reasons why they do what they do. If you do decide to give up your time and be part of our board then there is a lot more you will get out of it.

If you like the buzz of an office
or being part of a team

We can help fill that gap. You’ll get the chance to work with the rest of the board and learn great things from them. Of course, you will have the chance to dazzle them with your knowledge, skills and experience too.

If you love networking

People on our board come from all walks of life, so don’t worry about fitting in. It’s an ideal opportunity to make new friends and develop valuable business relationships.

If you want to brush up your skills

There will be plenty of opportunities to learn and develop with our great program of training and conferences. The training doesn’t just stop after the first month it goes right through your time with us.

If you want to get connected

We will give you great access to technology with a tablet or laptop and all the support you need – all our meetings are paperless. You will also get access to your own personal board website dedicated to everything to do with your board.

If you want to be part of the family

You will feel part of our family straight away; we’ll get you up to speed really quickly, give you a great induction and make you feel at home. Our current board members are:

Christine Edmondson
Chris Edmondson (Chair)
Julie Thomas (VC)
Wendy Bowler
Wendy Bowler
Lorraine Morgan
Anne Hayward
Anne Hayward
Tracey Blockwell
Richard Essery
Lisa Howells
Cliff Jones
Anthony Hearn